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"For he could love the world, but not himself.
And cried to be an instrument.
And was.

 ― Theodore Roethke


Hi, I don't work.

I'm writing this blog as a way to let my brain feel a moment of unfiltered freedom every day. 

Why post this online, if it's just for me? 

A question I've asked myself a few times today. 

The answer I found is more vague than I'd like. It insists that there's freedom in externalizing your thoughts while remaining complete anonymous (or attempting to, at least.)

It also claims there's some strength in knowing your thoughts aren't just in your head. Or even on a paper only your eyes have seen.

By publishing my words openly, even if no one ever reads them, perhaps it allows them to exist beyond myself. 

And as a person who feels lost and alone, having a piece of me out there for anyone to find might bring me just a little bit of comfort...

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